Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I just watched the Nats beat the Marlins. In person. It was not expected. Zimmerman was on freakin' fire! He knocked it out first up. I remember watching him hit it out of the park against the Yankees two years ago for the win. It was Father's Day. He pointed towards his father in the stands right before he hit it. He is incredible to watch. Keep your eye on this guy!

Beautiful night! Sweater weather. The beer guy took a personal liking to us. We were a handful of rows behind first base dugout; so we got the extra beers at the 7th inning stretch.


It's not very often I appreciate living in DC. Tonight was a very good night.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Dear Mother of DeSean Jackson:

Please show DeSean where "The Line" is.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Media Overkill

The first reports were just stupid. "Titans concerned over Young's emotional well-being." When have you ever heard a NFL player's name in the same sentence as the phrase "emotional well-being"? I feel so sorry for Vince Young. He innocently leaves his house to visit a friend forgetting his cell phone and the next thing ya know: He's on suicide watch. And he's not even the top story. He's in the mix with the whole Jessica Simpson saga. Should she attend the Dallas/ Philly game or not? ESPN is taking a poll.

It absolutely kills me how the Young story snow-balled. I saw a tag line on ESPN saying, "Can Young salvage his career?". Excuse me? Did I miss something? All the guy did was try to shake off a bad hit and then succumb to his injury. He's going to be out 2-3 weeks. Are we dooming him to Crazy Town just because he showed some emotion about his injury?

Call me a cynic, but I knew this morning it was going to be a slow sports news day when ESPN was STILL showing Brady being helped off the field. Ad nauseum. Ummm. Newsflash! I know it's Wednesday. And maybe you haven't heard. Tom Brady was injured this past w'end and will be out for the season! And Jessica Simpson may attend the Dallas/Philly game! And Vince Young may be nuttier than a fruitcake because he got hurt!

Spare me. The Tom Brady news is old by now and the rest is fluff.


I wish I had Young on my Fantasy team. I think that when he gets back in the game; he's going to kick ass. Just because.



Monday, September 08, 2008

Fantasy Report

I won! I placed 4th out of 12 for the week. Eli did kinda OK for me. Brandon Jacobs & Marion Barber were my stars! And the Titans totally rocked as my defense. TO made a showing; but not as good as I expected.

It was kind of funny that I was playing against my ex-boyfriend and he had P. Manning.


Clemson won against Citadel. I didn't know what to expect from that game after our showing at the Georgia Dome. We welcome NC State this coming Saturday.


And the Sox beat the Rays in Fenway on the first day of a three game series. Setting a record, no less! 456 consecutive sell-outs at Fenway!! Love that muddy water!!!


Friday, September 05, 2008

My Fantasy :)

It's not very fashionable to live in the DC area and not be a Redskins fan. Let's just say that: I'm not very fashionable. I'm not from these parts originally and have no great love for the Redskins. I actually dislike the Redskins alot. Immensely; truth be told. I think Dan Snyder is a total asshole. I've met him. He really is an asshole.

With all that being said ; I was very happy the Giants took over last night. Mainly because I have Eli and Brandon on my Fantasy Team. Eli performed kinda what I expected. Brandon was above and beyond.

I'm watching Owens & Barber on Sunday. I've pegged them my "Point Gods".


So weird I'm going to be pulling for Dallas again. I miss Landry.



It was bad...

I haven't really been able to talk about it. Even when people at my bar were trying to give their condolences.
I still can't believe Clemson lost to Alabama last Saturday. We looked so good on paper. I think that's what bit us in the ass. We were over-confident. We had the voices-that-be ranking us 9 and them 24. We had the whole "Thunder & Lightning" thing going. We had something of a home-field advantage in the fact we had been to the Peach Bowl several times and knew the field. And we couldn't pull it out.
I likened the game to me playing chess. I know all the moves of the game, but have no strategy. I'm pretty much on the defense after I take the first pawn out. I'm playing catch up until I'm in CheckMate.
Clemson is playing Citadel at home tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


This morning I found myself at the US Post Office. I was mailing a package to my father from VA to SC. It was a small duffle bag and a T-shirt in an appropriate size box weighing, I don't know; a pound? I hand the package over, say, "Overnight, please.", and she says, "$28.75". I choked on my Hazelnut Latte and said, "WHHHATTT? How much for Priority?". "About 6 bucks."

Well, OK. That's about what I paid for my coffee. I'll take Priority. And he can get it the NEXT next day. Jesus!! I knew times were hard for the USPS; but WTF? I'm assuming the Overnight plane is different from the Priority plane in that it has sparkles on the wings. I'm also assuming they are still flying Priority packages. I'm ASSUMING they fly packages.

I am mail-stupid when it comes to USPS. I just recently started paying my bills by check. Through the mail. I use to pay on-line until all my utility companies started charging a service fee when you pay on-line. In the neighborhood of $5 a piece. $240 a year which is about twice the property tax on my car. I got kinda bitter when I realized that. That I had gotten so shallow when it comes to bill-paying. I was paying $5 a pop to have the luxury of hitting a few buttons to pay a bill as opposed to just sitting down and writing a check for virtually nothing. I mean, I get my checks for free. Stamps are 42 cents. And the process of writing a check is actually kinda cathartic.


Thank you for listening to me bitch.



Monday, September 01, 2008

Don't forget...

As I'm sure you know; the news from the areas hit by Gustav is better than expected. Although; they are not out of the woods yet. If you recall, it was about a day after Katrina that things went from bad to worse. Hopefully, that senario will not present itself again.

If things remain as they are and the levees don't break; please do not just forget about all the residents of those areas hit that were affected. I have no statistics at hand; but I am betting that a large number of people who evacuated could not afford to. There are alot of people that were living day-to-day already that had to use what little cash they had just to put gas in their cars to get to a safe place. Feed their families on the road. Pay for a hotel room. What have you. People that couldn't afford to miss one single day of work.


These people will hopefully find their way to the Red Cross when they get back to help them get their lives back on track. I am a HUGE fan of their work having seen what they can do first hand in this type of situation.

Please take a moment and donate whatever you are comfortable with. As they say: No donation is too small! :)



There is a place you can donate specifically to this on their homepage. Please donate!!



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