Saturday, May 31, 2008

No Title

I'm too pissed to think up a clever title for this post. Where do I begin?

I live in a semi-upscale area. Meaning: The area was really hot for a couple of decades, fell into bad times, double-income couples that work on the Hill moved in and renovated = Hot Properties. In either case, the property two doors from me was aquired from a foreclosure. They took a few months to renovate and then flipped it. They moved out today and left their cat. Morris look-alike. 7 years old. Neutered and Declawed. This cat has been indoor his entire life. These people left him on the door step with a little bowl of cat food and bowl of water. Hello!! Declawed indoor cat abandoned on a door step! He can't climb a tree. He can't scratch!! My roommate called me midday to tell me about him. Apparently, he was howling outside the door of his home. A couple of other neighbors came out as well to take care of him.

My roommate and I went into Search over-load. We have to find a home for this cat!! I would love to take him; but I have a cat that is going to die soon. A 13 year old dying cat and a 7 year old "only-child" cat would not mix.

I have full confidence that we'll find a home for him. What really gets me is that these people ABANDONED him. How do you do that? A cat that is Declawed is totally vunerable when let outside. (They amputated his fingers. I'm not a big fan of declawing.) How do you in good conscious abandon a family pet?? At the very least, take the pet to a shelter. Don't leave him alone in an environment that he is totally unfamiliar with. With no means of defending himself.

Dante has a special level of hell for these people.


Kimberly's cat is bad-ass and has all her fingers & toes.



Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bad Manners

I consider it very bad manners when someone walks into my bar, sits down, and immediately makes a cell-phone call. Then, when I walk up to ask them what they would like; proceed to signal for me to wait until they finish their call. Like, stand Right There until they are done.

#1. If that call is all important; make it before you walk into the establishment.

#2. The other patrons really don't care to hear your one-sided conversation.

#3. You are not the only person in the room. I'm most certainly not going to just stand there at your direction ignoring other people until you finish your call.

Ya know; I remember the days when people were aware of what was going on around them. It constantly amazes me how self-absorbed people can be. I had to call down one of my vendors for yakking on his Nextel in the middle of my bar during lunch. He looked at me like I was crazy when I asked him to take it outside. Nextel is the most fucking annoying thing ever invented.

I don't get the logic behind it. Is it a walkie-talkie posing as a phone? Or a phone posing as a walkie-talkie? Have we gotten so lazy that we need to have the option to hold something away from our ear at the risk of annoying everyone within hearing distance? As soon as I hear someone say, "10-4, Good Buddy!", I might go postal.

In the big picture; I don't think that cell phones have a place in a restaurant, bar, what have you. Put that Bitch on vibrate. And then take it outside if you need to answer the call. I'm sure it affects me more than most; because I hear it more than most. Everyone that works behind a bar is in the same predicament. Seriously. I don't want to hear you break up with your girlfriend, divorce your husband, fire your decorator, or even make a million dollar deal one-sided. It would be way more entertaining to me if the person on the other end was there in person. Then I could offer up Shots & Advice. Which I happen to be really good at.


Kimberly has decided to turn her cell phone off tomorrow for 6 hours. Just to see what happens.


Thanks for the vent....


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Is it true...

...that if you are nice to someone; someone else will be nice to you? (Karma) If you are mean to someone; you will get it back? (Karma, again). I helped the proverbial "little-ole-lady" reach a loaf of bread at Safeway this morning but then I inadvertently made her lose her spot in the "Grocery-Help" line. Am I going to hell?

Catch-22, I know....I'd really like to know where I stand with the Gods.


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Isabella Wirth is an incredible photographer. I've featured several of her pics in the last few years. If you are a fan of Black/White photography, please; check out her site!

Soapbox = Kimberly

I'm all over it. Don't know if you've heard; but Goodell (newish NFL Commisioner) is not happy with NFL fans. He thinks that they tend to get aggressive. HELLO!!! I've been tending bar in Sports bars for years. I've seen the best and the worst and have been wondering WTF?? From personal experience; I have determined that Eagles fans are the worst. I'm not telling tales out of school because anyone that is a NFL fan knows this. Since 1997, the Eagles have had an on-premise Circuit Court judge present at all home games to deal with all the fights, etc... There are a hand full of other teams fans that are questionable. If you remember, Goodell made his initial big impact on the NFL by sanctioning players. Pac-Man, et al.... I think he can make an impact on the fan problem.

Whew...anyway. It's finally summer here in DC and I really need some pool time!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm in agreement with Miranda:

"The witch from 'Hansel and Gretel' is very misunderstood."

Monday, May 19, 2008

Still no word from Miss Exploit. That makes me very sad :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Out of Touch

Johnny, I can't find one single place on your site to send you email. I wrote Miss Exploit to the last email I had for her. She didn't answer; but, it didn't bounce back either.

Get in touch

I'm a busy girl...

I really am. If you stopped me on a Saturday and asked me to account for my whole week; I probably couldn't do it. Outside of, "Well, I was in a bar for 50 hours. Working. And then I was on the computer about 20 hours. Working." I have no idea what is going on the rest of the time. Probably, the fact that I go to bed by 11pm is the reason I feel I'm so busy. I'm hardly ever awake outside of work. Feel sorry for me for about 10 seconds because I'm sure your life is just as busy.

Anyway, I had to say all that because I have a friend that does not understand why I don't answer her emails PRONTO. She will send me one at 10am and expect an answer within 30 minutes. I understand she works from home. She does not understand that I drive to a place I call "Work". Where I am a "Bartender". And by definition; I "Tend Bar". Meaning, I am at the mercy of other people. Every minute. All day. I don't have the luxury of hanging out on the computer whenever I feel like it. And trust me: I would LOVE to have a good shot of personal computer time during the day. I AM human, after all.


I have to tell this story because; well, just because. I went to the Nats vs. Marlins game with my friend CJ on Saturday. CJ is a Marlin fan and I am a Red Sox and "Home Team" fan. Which isn't really relevent to the story; but, there ya go. In either case, we left just after the 7th inning stretch to go to a concert in a nearby concert hall. (930 Club for those in the know of local places). We hail a cab outside Nats stadium. We get in and tell the Cab Driver where we want to go. He says, "Fuck!!! I just came from that part of town! I didn't want to go again!"

I offer for us to get out of the cab and catch a next one, but we're already moving and he says, "No, No. I'll take you where you want to go." And then he continues to bitch the whole way to the club. About how he really didn't want to go there and he just wanted to stay in SE.

This man is a Cab Driver. Meaning; he Drives people to where they want to go in a Cab for money. It's true! The words "Cab Driver" totally gives it away! I insinuated as such and, sadly, I made a non-friend. Sadly for him, he didn't know that I'm a Base-10$-Tipper. And it goes up from there. He did not reap the benefits to make a long story short.

I equate his actions to someone asking me for a martini. And me saying, "Fuck! I just made one of those yesterday! I feel you're taking advantage of me by asking me for one today! While I'm Bartending!!!"


Kimberly REALLY hates stupid people.



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