Monday, February 15, 2010

I remember easier times...

Back when fields were green & noone ever thought about snow. Snow was something we had heard about but, had never really seen before. Yes, times were easier then. And then, the SnowMonster came. And he ate the entire world & that is just how it is. FOREVER.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I don't like snow anymore...

I use to like snow. When I was little and living in South Carolina. I thought snow ROCKED back then! The powers-that-be would call school out if there was a THREAT of snow. Mainly because the state owned, like, 3 snow plows. I won't lie. We did have a couple of snow storms. But, they were followed by ice which took out our power & therefore lumped themselves into Southern Icestorms.

A few years after I moved to the DC area, we had the President's Weekend Storm which dropped 2 feet of snow on us. It was record- breaking. It was novel. I thought it was cool. I'd never seen anything like That before!! I figured it would be a loooong time before I would see it again.

Well, that was 2003. Fast-forward to December 19, 2009. Two feet of snow!! A week before Christmas! Geez... And then, BAM!! Seven weeks later; two feet of snow!! But, don't hold your breath... three days later, BAM! Another foot of snow predicted! OMG!! It started snowing again about an hour ago & I'm just done. This SUX!! I don't want to shovel anymore & I am freakin' bored being snow-bound! Closets are not meant to be this organized!

Much love to all my peeps in St.Croix. Think of me while you raise your Margarita's to the Sunset!!


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