Monday, September 14, 2009

Am I a bitch...

because I don't want Rivers to pass to LT? It's OK if you think so....

Here's where I stand...

I am 24 points down. Dave has LT. I have Rivers. Let the games begin!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A pretty perfect day.....

had by me.

I had a new menu tasting at 11am. I was eating Pork Chops & Sirloin for breakfast. Cleaned my house within an inch of its life after that. (Have to now that Miss Rosa only comes every other week) Went for a Mani/Pedi and ran into an old friend. Then met a very dear friend for late afternoon drinks which turned into dinner. And then turned into beers on his southern porch solving all the problems of the world. Now I'm home. I'm a very lucky girl.


Friday, September 11, 2009


Mostly everything sucks...

My beloved Clemson Tigers bit it at the end last night. The Steelers defense didn't do near what I thought they would. And Chris Johnson held status quo against the Steelers. He needs to kick it up a notch this next week against the Texans or his days are numbered in the Alley Cats!!

On the baseball front: Very disappointed the Red Sox were rained out. Believe it or not; I was happy to see Jeter get his....


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Thank you, JJ!

A friend of mine just pointed out to me that I lost my audience when I stopped posting on a regular basis a couple of years ago. Well...I knew that. When it got to be that alot of people were reading me; I started really paying attention to what I wrote. I started censoring myself. I got to where I didn't want to offend or annihilate. In essence, I started just writing what I thought people wanted to hear. Obviously, that's not the case anymore. Barely anyone is reading me now and I have to say that it's very freeing. The people in my life that are the most important ARE reading me. And they care about all my bitches & loves. So there. I win regardless.


Stop The Madness...

that is the habit of radio stations thinking it's OK to use emergency sirens as sound effects!! This is something that has driven me crazy since I have lived in the DC Metro area.

Case in point: I'm driving to work in an area ranked #3 for worse traffic in the nation listening to the radio. I've got a kung-fu grip on the steering wheel because every car around me is a potential weapon. Keep in mind that this is not because I'm paranoid. Random cars slamming into other cars is the status quo around here. It's like Bumper Cars; only you didn't pay 40$ to get into the park. There's a commercial on the radio advertising Hot Wings for some Hooter's "wanna-be" restaurant with sirens in the background. I start looking for a place to pull over. But, there isn't one. There never is. Then I realize it's the radio.

And it's not just advertisements. DJ's around here LOVE the "siren" sound effect. They use it like the rest of us use exclamation points. "I saw a hot girl last night! {siren}", "I was So drunk! {siren}", "Where's my pen?! {siren}"

If I had the time; I would start a protest.


Monday, September 07, 2009

Football is Back, Baby!!!!

And Thank God for that because Baseball has broken my heart. I was just reading my last post and I still feel the same. Right now I am living in a world where the Yankees are in the playoffs & the Sox are battling the Rangers for the wild card. And the Sox aren't doing that great. Watching them against the White Sox today was PAINFUL. We lost our "Umph" somewhere and I will be the one to say: We Miss You Manny!!! I know he was a loose cannon (thanks to his agent) and nooone ever knew what he was going to do next..but, GODDAMN he was the spark in the Sox. Just like he's the spark in the Dodgers now. C'est la vie.

Anyway....Here's what I got in my Fantasy Draft:

QB: Philip Rivers SD
Shaun Hill SF

RB: Chris Johnson Tenn
Pierre Thomas NO
Tim Hightower Ari
Fred Jackson Buf

WR: Antonio Bryant TB
Donald Driver GB
Devin Hester Chi

TE: Tony Gonzalez Atl

K: Stephen Goskowski NE
Kris Brown HOU
Robbie Gould Chi
Sebastian Janikowski Oak
Joe Nedney SF

Def: Steelers

I know, I know...I have alot of kickers. That's thanks to the computer that picked for me last few rounds. But, In The Big Picture...I have a kick-ass QB, 3 kick-ass RB's, & a couple of kick-ass WR's. There's all my fantasy points.

It's all about football now!!!!


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