Monday, June 29, 2009

Ya know...

I don't even want to talk about the fact (I literally JUST discovered) that all of my unread AOL mail has mysteriously disappeared since this morning. I will deal with that tomorrow.

I DO want to say how incredibly ANNOYED I am with the whole Michael Jackson thing!! He's dead. Let it go! In my opinion, (although, not a popular one) the world is less a man of questionable character. I understand that he was a great entertainer at one time. I understand that he broke many barriers. But, you can't parlay that into saint-hood. Especially when he's been surrounded by nothing but controversy the last few years. In my opinion, where there's smoke; there's fire.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Sox vs Nats...Game 3

So, I finally got to see my Sox LIVE. And they lost. But that's Ok. I was watching from a suite which made it alot easier. Also, the attendance record at Nat's stadium was broken on Tuesday, Wednesday, and then again on Thursday! Because of the Sox. (The Red ones)


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Regeneration Tour 2009

A couple of months ago, Mary Elizabeth told me that she was getting a group together to go to Wolftrap to see the Regeneration Tour. My first thought was, "Wolftrap is So Far Away" & my second thought was "I really didn't like the music when it was new. Can I like it now when it's cult classic?" Let me just say that Wolftrap really isn't that far away. It's just that I need a passport to get out of Alexandria. I really like Wolftrap. It's a great venue for live music. It's "green". Meaning that it's a very woodsy amphitheater where there are separate trash cans for glass, paper, etc... You can sit either in the covered pavillion or on the lawn. If you have lawn seats; you are allowed to bring coolers, food, & blankets.

I decided to go & I have to say that I had an incredible time! (We, of course, went the Lawn seat route...) Breakdown:

* Cutting Crew was the first band up. The first thing said was, "Here's a song from our new CD!" I was confused. I thought the whole purpose of the concert was 80's revival. We nod along to a couple of new songs & then they did "Died in Your Arms Tonight". The crowd woke up for it.

* Wang Chung was next & they didn't mess around. They started out with "Let's Go". Did a couple of lesser known songs & went straight into "Dance Hall Days" which got everyone on their feet. They finished off with "Everybody Have Fun Tonight". And I asked around: "Is there a Wang Chung dance? Like the Electric Slide or something?" The song implies it. Just wondering....

(I have to say at this point that, even though I wasn't into the songs when they first came out; I somehow managed to know every single word. And I wasn't ashamed to sing them really loud and out of tune!!)

* Berlin was next up & OMG!! Terri Nunn is as hot as she was in the 80's! They opened up with "Masquerade" & the crowd went insane! The live version of "No More Words" was awesome. And then she did something completely unexpected. She started talking about how she knew that, as a woman, she was going to have a hard time breaking out of the mold that had been created for women singers in the 80's. She went on to say that, as a very young girl, she saw a concert where a woman kicked ass as much as the man she was singing with. She then sang "Somebody to Love" in a way that would make Grace Slick PROUD! Her voice was so fucking strong; it was religious. After that, she did "Take My Breath Away" (Top Gun). They did an extended version of "The Metro" which was freaking awesome! Then she invited anyone that wanted to dance on stage to come on up! She did "Dancing in Berlin" and danced with everyone that made it up on stage. In my opinion, Berlin stole the show.

* Last up was ABC. We all know them for "Poison Arrow" and "When Smokey Sings". They did those punctuated with new songs that no one really cared about. (Again, it's a Revival!!) I liked their new songs kinda but realized why I couldn't really get on board with them. Martin Fry has such a distinct voice (in a lounge singer sort of way) that you can't get past it. Every song sounds the same.

All in all; it was a great time. Good food, good drinks, good weather, & great company. Perfect way to spend a summer evening!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Please say a prayer..

for all the families that were affected by the horrific METRO crash in DC yesterday. A tragic reminder that you never know when your day will come. Assume that everyday may be your last & act accordingly. Take that extra minute to tell the people that are important to you how much they mean to you.

Facebook is TOO much....

It just is. Just like a Drag Queen at a Baby Shower would be TOO much. I signed up under duress. It seemed that everytime I asked for copies of pictures from an event; I was told to "check my Facebook page". That's what sucked me in. Once I signed up; I thought it was kinda cool. What a great place to send out announcements about the Promos my bar was doing! I quickly got in touch with all the people I hang out with. And then it got all weird. After a couple of weeks; someone from my High School class found me & sent me a friend invite. I accepted because I really like this person & was glad to get back in touch. After that, I was getting friend invites from people I haven't seen since graduation day. And they were all about me catching them up on everything I've been doing SINCE THAT DAY. Now, I won't mention how long ago that day was; but I've had several address changes & there have been a few Presidents since then. Darlin', if you don't know what I've done since graduation day; there's a reason.

And then there's the people that narrate their entire day on Facebook. "I just woke up". "I'm getting coffee". "My dog's poop looks weird". " "I'm late to work". "I have to get gas". Please tell me who wants to hear this dribble??

And then there's the quizzes!!! OMG! I get asked 87,ooo questions a day at work. I don't want to take a quiz in my off time!! I really don't want to know which Power Ranger I am!

I will have to say that Facebook put me back in touch with two people (so far) that I have really missed. One of my roommates from St. Croix & the guy that trained me on my first bartending job in VA.

And that's all I have to say about that....


Friday, June 12, 2009

I Love That Dirty Water......

Ah....Boston, You're my Home!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Go Sox!!

I mean, really...You have to love them! They're struggeling! And you've got to love a struggeling Red Sox team. It's practically tradition!!

love that dirty water....

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