Friday, April 22, 2005

I'm still here.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Black Garter...

It's the prettiest. I want one. The garter; that is.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

"Hell is empty..

..All the Devils are here."

                -William Shakespeare
                     "The Tempest"


  Ok, so maybe it was just one Devil.  But, it did feel like he had a whole posse with him by the time he was done with me. 


  As I've said, I really like my new job (5 months, now) because 99% of the time; everyone is very nice & very free with showing their gratitude (by giving me money).  It's a "Regular's" kinda place.  Other than the guy saying, "Fuck You!" to me a couple weeks ago; everything has been very pleasant.  So much so; I was starting to kind of miss the opportunities I use to have to throw a little muscle around.  Mental Muscle, I mean.  And Power Muscle.  Meaning, I have the power to throw someone out.  Not physically, of course.  Just pointing at the door & saying, "Get out of my bar."  And knowing that what I just said; went.


  I had that opportunity today that has  fulfilled that need in me for maybe the next 6 months.  The guy that showed up at my bar early afternoon today was hell-bent on causing Death & Destruction when he got up this morning.  I'm convinced.   I made him 3 dry Grey Goose Martini's before he liked one.  We're talking staight vodka up in a glass.  Hard to fuck up.  Even if you tried.  The first two, he took a sip and deemed them "Not quite right".  I forced the 3rd one on him because I refused to pour another 12$ drink down the sink.  I essentially told him to drink it or order a beer.  I wasn't pouring anymore Grey Goose.  Within the hour he was there; the salsa was too hot,my hair was too short, the lighting was weird, I was stupid for piercing the top of my ear, there was only a third of a roll of paper towels in the Men's Room (damn near a health hazard, don't cha know. If you let it run out.)   The list of complaints went on and on.  Each one individually wouldn't be hard to hear; but all 20+ just took Miss Scarlett over the edge.  I finally suggested to him that I comp his Martini & lunch with the Too Hot Salsa; he leave; and we'll just call it a day.  Because I truly didn't have the strength or a sufficient shotgun to deal with him anymore. 

  It gets better.  (It always does, it seems.)  "This place sucks because you don't like Russians!"  Ok, he's trying to pull the Ethnic card on me.  #1:  There's no "Russia" anymore, right?,  #2:  I thought he was trying to sound Brooklyn, but I couldn't put my finger on it,And #3:  He was an Asshole no matter where he was from.

  Maybe that statement wasn't aimed directly at me.  Maybe he meant that DC as a whole didn't like Russians.  But, didn't that idea go out of style along time ago?

And, then, he called me a bitch.

  I kicked him out because he was an Asshole & it felt good.  To take a stand.  Against Assholes.


  On the plus side:  I've gained 13 pounds, my skin looks great (lot's of water), & those sittups seem to be paying off if my stomach is anything to go by.   (I just wanted to add this to balance out all the bad Karma above.)



Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Who am I to judge....

my very first customer today? The guy that had the 2 shots of Jagermeister with a coffee-back at 11:15am? It's not my place to judge. I'm just supposed to "serve-up" whatever is asked for (within reason). Generally, I pretty much just serve lunch until about 3pm. That's usually when it turns into a "drinking" bar. That's about when the 6amer's start wandering in. I pull a few beers & mix a few martini's during the lunch hours; but it's mostly food.

I don't know. I'm always curious about the people that are Drinking that early in the morning. I consider a beer or two; a martini or two with lunch as small-time. A couple shots of Jager in the am is Drinking. And then he asked me to call him a cab to SW DC. I'm in Alexandria by the Pentagon. Hmmm, Hmmm, & Hmmm. Usually I have the time to get the story; but I was too busy to lure him into conversation.


Was there not one, but TWO high-speed chases this morning in California? I saw some of one with a couple of guys in a silver car & next thing I knew; there was a chase with one guy in a white car. With a sun-roof. And he appeared to be flying some type of purple banner out of it. Any details to share?


I'm moving at the end of the month. If I don't have a nervous breakdown. I feel like I just did this 2 weeks ago. And if was four years ago. There are 4 elevators here that are all in one area. They are all exactly the same. Three are for regular travel up & down and the fourth is designated the "freight" elevator. In name only. There's nothing "freight" about it. It is meant to hold 5 small people. I can't even begin to tell you what a bitch it was moving in here.

In wanting as few "freight" elevator trips as possible; some of those things I thought were sentimental to me have lost their appeal. They're being left in the trash room right here on the 8th floor on moving day. All of a sudden I understand the cliches "Less is more" and "Travel light". In the face of having to battle the "freight" elevator.

I have seriously thought about hiring a moving company. I've moved alot & have never done that before. I've always just thought, "Why hire someone when I can do it myself?". But then, what if people started thinking, "Why get someone to mix my drink when I can do it myself?". I'd be out of a job. I'm just going to hire someone. Then I won't feel bad for keeping all the little things I have just because I don't want to move a bunch of chit again. I can keep that Fertility statue I got from Santa Domingo. Those little glass bottles that are good for absolutely nothing I got in Old San Juan. And countless other crap I've accumulated in my travels. And I only know I have this crap because this move has prompted me to stop & go through boxes that were not un-packed when I moved in here! It's a vicious circle, I tell you!

I AM keeping the cats. I'm thinking it's against the law to leave them in the trash room. (Disclaimer to PETA: No, I am not going to leave my cats in the trash room. But, they DID sleep in an X-mas Tree box for 3 months. They can do the cardboard house thing.)



173 so far. I counted just 'cause I was curious. Blogger isn't keeping up for the time being. This Blog is One Year Old next month. I was wondering about my Frequency. As it appears; besides going to work, which is Frequently; this is the very next thing I do with some Frequency and it's only Somewhat. Wow. Nothing like seeing something in black & white, huh?

Saturday, April 02, 2005

just kiss me

According to his (her?) email, K does not agree with the fact that I listed Morals separate from Religion in a post a couple days ago. I guess I should clarify. I see them as two separate things. Religion can dictate Morals; but Morals don't necessarily dictate a Religion. Morals are as YOU see them. What may be Morally & Ethically correct to me; may not be the same for someone else. Even in the same Religion. Basically; we all try to end up at the same place. Just so the world keeps spinning. Cause if the world stopped spinning; that would, well, Suck. Am I right?


Call me crazy; but I took an immediate dislike to the woman with the spandex on asking me if I could "Pop in a 'Flock of Seagulls' CD" yesterday. Pardon me while I go "Google" which One Hit they had. OK, I'm back & I didn't recognize any of the listings. I was there; in the 80's. How did I miss this? Someone clue me in, please.


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