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Boobs are cool!!!


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Facebook Rules!!

Ok, I know this wasn't my feeling in the past, but now it is. Facebook rules!!

I only think that because I was able to get back in touch with all my girls from St. Croix! The most awesome girls in the world!

It started innocently. I found Sylvia. In turn, Kerri found me. Because of that, I found Isabel & Sue...And so on and so forth. We are all scattered up and down the Eastern Seaboard and down into the Islands. Now we are planning a reunion!

Good Times!!

My Rose-Colored Glasses are broken...again

But, that's OK. I'll just get them fixed.

I will do this because I believe that it is better to see the good in people and suffer periodic disappointments than to be jaded. I know a hand-full of jaded people. They ARE NOT happy people. They walk around with this black cloud over their heads saying, "Yeah, I saw that comin'", "I knew that wouldn't turn out well". The jaded people end up missing all the good stuff. They are so fixated on a bad outcome; they don't notice when things turn out well.

I will never be that person. Even if it means me getting my heart broken every now and then.

And, Tiger Woods DID break my heart.

I am not a golfer and only started following the sport when Tiger broke onto the scene. I remember watching him put the green jacket on in '97. And, I don't know anyone that didn't shed a tear when he dedicated his win in the 2006 Open Championship to his father who had recently passed away.

Let me say at this point that I am not completely naive. I am a football fan. I have watched countless athletes go down in shame. People that have more talent & more opportunity than 99% of the world population piss it all away on stupid shit. I know it happens.

But, Tiger was different in my eyes. Maybe it was because he was a pro in a "gentleman's sport"? I don't know. I was happy when he married. I was happy when their kids were born. All the time I was thinking, "Wow! I bet his Dad is so proud!!".

Well, his Dad isn't proud now. And even though Tiger hasn't admitted to anything in particular; we're not stupid.



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