Friday, January 06, 2012

Real People

I meet alot of interesting people. It goes without saying that celebrity sightings are always fun. But, there are alot of other people I meet that don't fall under that category that I find much more interesting. For example, I met one of the cameramen from the show "Deadliest Catch". He was assigned to the boat "Time Bandit". If you watch the show; I know you're familiar with it. He told me about all of the training he had to go through before he was able to be a part of this project. He is a cameraman that never in his wildest dreams thought that he would be part of filming what is known as the most dangerous job. I also recently met the gentleman that is in charge of logistics for Odyssey Marine Exploration. Being a long time SCUBA diver; I was bowing down to him! Last week I met the lighting Director & one of the cameramen for the prequel "Wizard of Oz" that is in post-production. It was filmed in Detroit which I was told is the largest filming location in the US at this time. The old factories are apparently being used. It's also the most expensive film shot to date (according to him) overtaking SpiderMan 3. Just a few examples, but I'm finding that I'm alot more interested in the people "behind the scenes" than I am the ones with body guards.

And, FYI, I don't give a shit about the election 'til two months prior. That's when I start paying attention. Don't try to talk to me about before then.



I have just gone through my 2nd Christmas season as an airport bartender & I have come to the following conclusion: There is a community of people that air travel during the Xmas holidays that ONLY air travel during the Xmas holidays. I may even go out on a limb to say that this is the only time they leave their homes. That is the only explanation I can come up with to explain the mind-numbing ignorance that I have dealt with the last 2 weeks. I work at National & am therefore a snob by default when it comes to the types of travelers I am use to dealing with. To be prepared for next year; I am thinking of a FAQ list I can just hand someone as soon as they say, "What is the cheapest thing you have to drink?"


1. What is the cheapest thing you have to drink?
-Soda: $2.37. ("Do you know that I can buy a liter of Coke for 3 bucks back home?")

2. What is the cheapest beer here?
- $5.45...Heineken, Corona, Mic Ultra ("Highway robbery!! I can buy a 6-pack for that!)

3. How much for your fancy draughts? You guys brew that stuff, right?
- $7.72 / 20 oz...Hefeweizen, Winterbock, Czech Pilsner, Marzen ("That's stupid! I can buy a keg a Milwaukee's Best for next to nothin'")

4. Where can I smoke?
- I'm sorry, but the only place to smoke is outside the airport. ("I gotta cart my ass outside for a cig? And then go back through security? What kinda communist outfit you got goin' here?)

5. What's good on the menu?
- Well, everything on the menu is good. It's not really conducive to running a good business by having bad things on the menu. ("Huh??)

SOOOO happy that holiday travel is over.


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