Friday, January 06, 2012


I have just gone through my 2nd Christmas season as an airport bartender & I have come to the following conclusion: There is a community of people that air travel during the Xmas holidays that ONLY air travel during the Xmas holidays. I may even go out on a limb to say that this is the only time they leave their homes. That is the only explanation I can come up with to explain the mind-numbing ignorance that I have dealt with the last 2 weeks. I work at National & am therefore a snob by default when it comes to the types of travelers I am use to dealing with. To be prepared for next year; I am thinking of a FAQ list I can just hand someone as soon as they say, "What is the cheapest thing you have to drink?"


1. What is the cheapest thing you have to drink?
-Soda: $2.37. ("Do you know that I can buy a liter of Coke for 3 bucks back home?")

2. What is the cheapest beer here?
- $5.45...Heineken, Corona, Mic Ultra ("Highway robbery!! I can buy a 6-pack for that!)

3. How much for your fancy draughts? You guys brew that stuff, right?
- $7.72 / 20 oz...Hefeweizen, Winterbock, Czech Pilsner, Marzen ("That's stupid! I can buy a keg a Milwaukee's Best for next to nothin'")

4. Where can I smoke?
- I'm sorry, but the only place to smoke is outside the airport. ("I gotta cart my ass outside for a cig? And then go back through security? What kinda communist outfit you got goin' here?)

5. What's good on the menu?
- Well, everything on the menu is good. It's not really conducive to running a good business by having bad things on the menu. ("Huh??)

SOOOO happy that holiday travel is over.


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