Thursday, September 22, 2005

“I’m obsessed; thank you very much.”

A line from a movie I can't recall right now. I think it was St. Elmo's Fire. Yes, it was. Kirby (Emilio Estevez) to xxxx (Andie Mcdowell).

Not important. But, I am obsessed once again watching a hurricane. Hurricanes fell into the top 5 reasons I left the Virgin Islands. All through hurricane season; the suspense would just kill me. We would start watching the storm as soon as it developed off of Cape Verde (S. Africa) where all good hurricanes develop. "Will it turn north when it hits the Antilles?". And when it passed over the Antilles, "Will we get a direct hit or just the Tropical Storm portion?". It was always months of packing & unpacking. Not to leave. Because you really couldn't leave every time there was the threat of a hurricane. They happened to often. Leaving involved taking a plane to the states or to one of the down islands. St. Croix is 22 miles long & 7 miles wide. It wasn't like you could just drive to the other side and be safe.

If you weren't keeping track of the date; you knew it was hurricane season because one day the "Hurricane Tracking Sheet" would conveniently appear on the counters of all the convenience stores. Free for the taking. It was very convenient.

You would take it home and put it up on your refridgerator with those cute veggie magnets & mark the progress of the storm presently brewing whenever the Weather Station had an update. Which was at 8, 11, 2, and 5 around the clock. It would always be the first thing you would make note of when you went to someone's house. "Is their map more updated than mine?" And if so: "Damn! I missed the last update!" Seriously. Our lives revolved around hurricane updates 4 months out of the year.

It took me a year after having two category 3 hurricanes within a week of each other for me to get a clue. I just couldn't do it anymore. Sure, the sun & fun and being able to SCUBA on a whim was all that; but the bad out-weighed the good.

And it's amazing what you find yourself doing during a storm. I have a really funny (in retrospect) picture I took during Hurricane Marilyn. We had lost a quarter of the roof. The picture shows:

* Three of my friends trying to hold the front door shut. What are they trying to do? KEEP OUT THE RAIN? Part of the roof was gone. The house was already flooded.

* My boyfriend standing watching them with his arms crossed. I have a little theory about this. He was the Assistant Editor & Photographer for the island paper. I think he wasn't trying to help because he was hoping for things to get worse. Photo-Op; don't cha know. He flew out the next day on a Press plane to Puerto Rico and some of the shots he took there went AP. I went on to date (for almost 4 years) this guy:

* Chris standing behind our friends holding the door with a case of beer. Holding it up out of the water. (It was almost to our knees.) Don't anyone ever tell me I don't know how to pick my men.


When I get my pics out of storage; I will post it. That one and the one of me mixing up a round of kamikazes during the Eye. Soaking wet with a white T-shirt turned brown from the flying debris.


Celebrate whenever you can. The opportunities are too few and far between.


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

You’ve got to be kidding me. I’m the “Serious Friend”??!

A good friend of mine remarked in casual conversation that I am considered the “Serious Friend”. Apparently, that fact is talked about all the time. When someone wants some “All-Bullshit-Aside” advice; I’m their girl. I’m sorry, but that’s just fucking scary. I’m barely keeping my head above water maintaining my own life; & there are people out there that actually think that advice I give holds water? Now, it’s not that I don’t think I give good advice. I look at the situation & say what I think. With lots of disclaimers; of course. Like, if this goes all to shit; you can’t sue me. Because I am not a professional. Just because I am a Bartender and hear stories that would curl your freakin’ toes does not mean that I hold the key to great wisdom. Sorry to shoot that fantasy down for you.

When I expressed my misgivings with this title; I was assured: “You’re fun! You know how to Dirty-Shag! You know Dirty Jokes! You make the best Dirty Martini!”. Dirty seems to be key. Saving Grace, I guess. The Ying to the "Serious Friend" Yang.

Well, I pick my battles. And this won't be one of them. I'm not going to try to be anything other than what I am. It could be worse. I could be the "Slut Friend". Or the "Irresponsible Friend". Or the "Fashion-Challenged Friend". One of each we have already. And I never wanted to be Double-Billed.


We never really know how other people perceive us. We sit and size up our friends. We form distinct impressions on how we think they are. Ethically, Morally. And that's what they are. And we love them anyway. But, do you ever stop and think what they think about you? What they see when they look at you?

So, I'll take the "Serious Friend" title gracefully. Thank God reading minds is light-years away.


It's Official!

Miss Scarlett is going to be reunited with her stuff. Not the stuff that is in her 6 suitcases that she has been living out of all summer; but the stuff that is lying in wait at the storage place.

I have decided to change my "Never Again" mantra pertaining to having a long-term roommate. (Which means; someone I sign a lease with). My friend, Stephanie, and I found a really nice place right here in Old Town. Neither one of us are able to afford a place in this area alone; so we're joining forces. She's a very good friend & I think it's going to work out. I know what you're thinking. "Oh, that poor, misguided soul! Doesn't she know the best way to ruin a friendship is to move in with said person?" Well, I say "Pshaw"! And I hardly ever say that. It worked for Carl & me. We've been roommates all summer & I would still walk over broken glass for him. And that makes me sad when I think of leaving here. I know I need to get my own place; but I am just so comfortable here.


Are you wondering why we're 2 weeks into football season & I haven't once mentioned my fantasy teams? Of course you aren't. But, I'll tell you why anyway. Because they SUCK! I have Trent Green on both and he sucks. Not in real life; but from a fantasy stand-point. Priest Holmes? Sucks! Ravens defense? Triple Sucks! Javon Walker? Out for the season after the first game because of a torn ACL. I have Favre & Palmer as back-ups respectively; but have had them benched because Green was supposed to be the second freakin' coming. It's cool to get first waiver pick; but WTF! I'm last place in both leagues! That's never happened to me before. Being the only girl in one league & one of two in the other (and she brought a friend with her to the draft to HELP her draft. For shame, for shame) I really feel pressured to make a showing. I'm benching Green this w'end. Don't try to talk me out of it.

Clemson is playing BC. BC is now in the ACC. No one asked my opinion; but I think the ACC was just fine before. Did we really need to recruit more teams? How big do we wanna be?


Have I ever mentioned how much I abhor Reality TV? That's probably not a popular statement; but I had to say it anyway.


I've realized that when I meet a dateable man; I tend to become good friends with him. Which puts him in the "undateable" category. I really need to stop doing that. This is a big town; but it's only so big.


I want to say "Hello" to my friend, Kathleen. Who may be reading me for the first time as we speak.


Sunday, September 18, 2005

I did it!

Yes, I did. I went out of town for the weekend. Which I never do during the summer.

I have friends that bought a farm a few years ago down in Northern Neck. Farnham, VA to be exact. They use it as their weekend get-away. They've been inviting me all summer; but every weekend, seems that a lot of other people have been going down as well. I've wanted to go, but didn't want to have to be in "entertaining" mode because there are other people around. Just so happened that noone else was going down this weekend. I jumped on it. A chance to hang out with my friends one-on-one.

I lost my cell signal just outside of Tappahannock driving down Friday & didn't get it back until I was about 50 miles out of DC today. It was heaven. (Not having a signal.)

My friends have an incredible property. A big farmhouse in the middle of wheat/soybean/corn fields. They spent a year renovating the main house & it is just f'ing incredible. The silence was positively deafening but in a good way. Well, it was all quiet except for the 4 hours Clemson was busy going into 3 OT's against Miami yesterday. Last night we sat out on the deck in the rain watching the lightning storm in the distance. Because we could. You just don't get that kinda view in the city.


So...I'm a new person. Nothing like having a true southern breakfast in a tire store, watching a Saturday morning community auction, touring the back 40, & scratching the chiggers off your stomach to put things in perspective. Add that to being in the company of two really great people. I'm thinking of ways I could support myself if I moved down that way permanently.


Hope ya'll had a great weekend!


Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sorry. Things are pretty crazy around here. The fundraiser went great. Thanks to everyone that participated! And, continue to give. The media will die down; but, the issue will still be there. For a long time.


A good friend of mine...his wife went into Hospice a couple of weeks ago. She was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer a year ago & was given 6 months. Borrowed time; I know. She passed away this last Thursday. She had been doing so well; Steve had planned a Paris trip for them both because she had always wanted to go there.


Life is cruel sometimes. Alot of the time; it seems. Lately.


Thursday, September 01, 2005


The press release for Rampart's fundraiser for hurricane victims went out today & we've gotten a huge response. The cover charge has been dropped to $5 as we are getting a lot of private donations for the Red Cross & we really want everyone to feel free to come. If you can't make it next Thursday, but still want to donate; just drop by and speak to the bartender in the Pub. I'm there M-F, 10a-6p. Duncan, Jules, Glenn, Mattie, Rindy, & Rosie are on-hand at night & during the weekend and can also take your donation. 100% of all donations go straight to the Red Cross.

If you're not donating through us; please donate somewhere. Even if you don't have compassion for the people directly affected by this; please keep in mind that this tragedy is going to affect EVERYONE in this Nation eventually. (I paid $3.89/gallon this morning.) Personally, I've been in tears for 2 days watching these people & what I paid for gas didn't mean shit to me. But I know that some people only understand things that hit their wallet. If you're one of THOSE people; keep in mind that the quicker we get them back on their feet; the quicker our economy will get back to normal.


OK....As strongly as I feel about all that; I'm not letting this blog turn into some maudlin vacuum. I'm not going to revel in good things that happen to me in the shadow of all the bad things happening to other people either. With that said; I'll just give bullet-points:


*saw Greenday at Merriweather Post Tuesday night.

*was in the Mosh Pit.

*made it to the rail.

*got some of Billy Joe's sweat on me when he shook his head.

*am probably way too old for all that; but it kicked ass anyway.


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