Monday, October 31, 2011


Not a big fan of Brown. He gave my co-worker a hard time because she asked for his ID. We are required to ask for an ID when someone orders an alcoholic drink. Doesn't matter if you look 15 or 80. We have to ask for an ID. He made a huge big deal of it. AND, in front of voters. My co-worker also asked for an ID from a woman sitting in front of Brown & he said,"Oh my God! Can't she tell this woman is old?" He seriously needs a PR person to follow him around & hold his hand.


Ban Ki-Moon
Secretary-General, United Nations

First sighting was brief...He was heading out to an "undisclosed location" (New York).

Second time was his arrival for the State Dinner honoring South Korea President Lee Myung-bak.

Side Bar: First sighting, his entourage was HUGE. I was impressed that one of his bodyguards was an American woman. Second sighting, he was met by approx 8 people, two of which was def Secret Service. Cokie Roberts sat at my bar about an hour later & I asked her about the service detail. She explained that they were all from the embassy.

I ♥ Cokie Roberts

I love her. I really do. You know her as an award-winning journalist, a best-selling author, & a senior news analyst for NPR. I know her as a really cool chick that likes a nice glass of chardonnay, eats light, makes friends with the people sitting next to her & can tell a joke that will make you pee in your pants. Happy she is a regular at my bar.

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