Thursday, January 13, 2011


I really need to take my co-workers advice & PAY ATTENTION!! because this is all I've got :(

Robin just stopped in to check out the menu. She was alone and looked, well, sad. In an emotional way. She was absolutely gorgeous, but her sadness kept me from challenging her to a debate (ala Head of the Class).

Brian was just wondering around the concourse. He didn't stop in, but I saw him pass by several times. The concourse isn't that big. OMG! Is he stalking me??

Robert De Niro: Don't you ever come to DC via US Air??? Meryl: Don't you ever have a hankering for a nice frosty Hefferveisen @ DCA?


"Rather than pointing fingers or assigning blame, let us use the occasion to expand our moral imaginations, to listen to each other more carefully, to sharpen our instincts for empathy, and remind ourselves of all the ways our hopes and dreams are bound together." Barack Obama

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