Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ya know....

I started this site because I was miserable at the time. In a new relationship. How sad is that? It made me feel better. To write. Not necessarily about my relationship. About anything. I took it and used it to my advantage. It worked...kinda. I still lost 20 pounds and the respect of alot of my friends and family. Because I chose to stay in a REALLY fucked up relationship. Even though I didn't know it was as fucked up as it was. And then it was over.

Things got better for me after awhile. They always do with that kind of situation. You live; you survive. You chalk it up to experience. Very easy for me to say now.

Your friends forgive your emotional distance.....your family just plain forgives.


Two year anniversary for this site coming up & I just have to say: I'm a very lucky girl. I have friends & family that love me. Despite.


(And I really am still a smartass & have alot of smartass things to say....To Be Continued.....)

The Alcohol Bubble

We've all been in it. It's that thing where you've had a few drinks; you're talkin'....& you and the person that you're talking to are the only people hearing you. As far as you know. Sometimes it comes back to bite you in the ass. Case in point:

Clueless Chick (to her friend): "I had sex with Johnny X last night. It was awesome. He promised he'd call."

Clueless Chick's Waitress: "Johnny X & I are getting married next month. I'm thinkin' he's not going to call you."


I actually witnessed this exchange. Damn near the saddest thing I'd ever heard. And almost the tackiest. But not quite.

We've all been guilty of the "Bubble Syndrome". You're a liar if you say different. There's something about loud music and alcohol under your belt that makes you think that noone else in the room can hear you except the person you're talking to.

Personally, I haven't been a victim of it in a very long time. Probably because I'm a bartender & get to see alot of other people make asses out of themselves on a pretty regular basis. Because they're operating in a bubble.


No point to this.....just something I was thinking about.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Forgive me..

Forgive me for anything I write in this post that may offend you. It is not my intention to offend. I feel very strongly about something & may use some derogatory words to make my point.

If you are just now reading me for the first time....I have a little problem with prejudice. In every sense of the word.

-(These are things that happened in the last two days)-

I don't like you if you use the word "spic" to refer to my friend Peter.
Who happens to be Italian. Makes you look like an Idiot. Besides the fact that you're a racist.

I don't like you if you use the term "wetback" to refer to my friend from Mexico City that just opened up a new art gallery in Tyson's Corner. She worked for years to accomplish that. Seriously...what have YOU done lately? You racist.

And I REALLY don't like the fact that some inconsequential person referred to my friend Kim as a "gook" that just opened her first Nail Salon. I won't go into the years of trauma she went through even getting to this country. (Remember us? Home of the Free? The Brave?)


As much as I would like to educate the world; I'm just one person. I can only bring heartache to the one's I actually catch being assholes. And the one's I'm talking about know who I'm talking about. They should fear me. I have a forum.


The realization that I actually was friends with the people that made these comments made me feel not that smart. Because I didn't see what type of people they were to start with. And that makes me angrier.



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