Friday, November 11, 2005


I'm trying to be covert......I don't really know how to act when I know I'm stealing IN-TER-NET. Is there some sort of protocol?

Actually, I don't really care. Just had to make a show for a minute like I do. In case THE MAN is watching.

I got a ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR tip today. On an $11.84 tab. And I didn't even flirt that much. Damn. I'm savy.


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Miss me?

Anyone still there? I'm still not completely back on-line because I cannot properly steal wireless from the corner of my room that I've chosen to set up my computer. But, my roommate can steal it from our kitchen on her laptop. Where I am right now. Wedged between the bay window & the butcher's block. I don't think I would even have drunken sex right here. It's that uncomfortable.

I'm thinking I'm going to bite the bullet & find out how I can get a real WIFI account. And then I can post all the stupid chit that has happened to me in the last month & 1/2.

For instance, like the time I went to get all my stuff out of storage & the moving people had inadvertantly thrown a bag of trash in my storage unit. Roaches like trash. And now I'm in the starring role of a potential lawsuit.

I hate to be a tease; but I'm getting a cramp in my ankle. Ya know...from being all cramped up here on the Butcher's Block.


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