Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sweet John

It's no secret that I adore John King. To be honest, I'm not completely up on his politics. I just know that whenever he's around; there is peace & harmony. And I like that. It's a rare thing in these parts. He's at my bar sporadically. Usually with a crew heading to the next big story & sometimes alone. He's a nice guy. An unassuming guy. My latest convo with him: JK: I really like this DUNKELWEIZEN, but I think I like the Marzen better. Do you think you'll have it next week? Me: We have it now; it's just too warm to serve. It was a late delivery & it's a little shook up. Like Elvis. JK: Which Elvis? Me: Early Elvis. Pre Gold-Lame. JK: Before the weight gain & wings. Me: Exactly!

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